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Born and raised in Caracas; I studied visual communication, arts & design in Milan, and now I'm based in Turin, Italy.

UX/UI designer, Art Director, Illustrator.

14+ years experience in design and multimedia.
UI/UX, websites, front-end development, webapps and mobile are my daily bread. In the past I've worked in e-learning, Flash development / animation and traditional "for print" design.

9+ years working in the banking/insurance sector (as a designer), more recently is becoming known as Fintech.

Passionate about all things creative! (catchphrase!... but I am really). Mad for simplicity. Hands-on (a little less conversation, a little more action). Yes, I know well my Adobe Creative Suite and love my "Apples", but there's also a bit more to this profession, right? There you go, my life in 15 seconds! Feel free to contact me.

"Design enhances, it is not and end on itself, as maybe art is, it is more than just aesthetics."


Most of my work nowadays is under NDA (Non Disclosure Agreements), so that's the reason why I've decided to make this webpage that serves as an introduction.

My old non-responsive online portfolio from 2008 is now definitely offline. I do have a Behance profile in which you can catch some screenshots of those old projects, as well as more recent (and disclosable) stuff. Check it out!

If you would like to know more about me, I would suggest visiting my LinkedIn profile or take a look and download my résumé:

If you would like to catch a hint of my aesthethics and tastes, check out my Instagram profile .

I could be of help to your project or organization, in such fields as:

Feel free to contact me by any means, although I would prefer an email with all the specific details of your request.


Alejandro Pedroso

Art Director | UX/UI Designer | Illustrator

Turin, Italy

Please contact me at: info[at]alejandropedroso[dot]com

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