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Born and raised in Caracas; I studied visual communication, arts & design in Milan, and now I'm based in Turin, Italy.

Art Director, web and UI designer, illustrator and videographer.

12+ years experience in design and multimedia.
UI/UX, front-end development, websites, webapps and mobile are my daily bread. In the past I've worked in e-learning, Flash development / animation and traditional "for print" design.

7+ years working in banking/insurance (as a designer).

Passionate about all things creative! (catchphrase!). Mad for simplicity. Hands-on (a little less conversation, a little more action). Yes, I know well my Adobe Creative Suite and love my "Apples", but there's also a bit more to this profession, right? There you go, my life in 15 seconds! Feel free to contact me.


Most of my work nowadays is under NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement), so that's the reason why I've decided to make just a simple webpage that is more like an extended virtual business card, than my old (and out-dated) portfolio site from 2008 (sure, if you're curious or a "retro-freak" feel free to give it a look). The need to have a new layout, in this case a responsive one, was almost mandatory in the mobile-oriented web of recent times.

If you would like to know more about my professional side, I would suggest visiting my LinkedIn profile. Check out my Instagram profile if you would like to have a hint of my concept of aesthethics and my tastes (nothing Pro there though). I rarely share my thoughts on my Twitter profile (that's a dangerous sport IMO - I gladly leave it to millenials) but I do share stuff I think is relevant or important. Missed the links here?, just go over to the social bar at the bottom!

If you're interested in contacting me for consultancies or think I may be of help to your project or organization, in such fields as:

Feel free to contact me by any of these means, although I would prefer an email with all the specific details of your request.

Side Projects

Check out my apparel line here: MWW - Minimum Wage Warriors

Hope to have a second line coming out next year.


Alejandro Pedroso

Art Director | Designer | Illustrator | Videographer

Turin, Italy

Please contact me at: info@alejandropedroso.com

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